Our Story

Why be good, when you can be better

About us

We started as individuals who wanted to make a difference

Growing as individuals day by day. We formed BeBetter YYC in order to help businesses, individuals, and friends, become better versions of themselves. Social media is a reflection of your personality and we want to help share it to the world. So many companies have great, groundbreaking ideas that can impact the world but, being able to get it seen is challenging.

Tell your story through social media and connect with your audience

We offer a stress free service which helps you and your company streamline the process of digital marketing. Social media is a powerful, free, tool that is used by many giant corporations and is their main avenue for advertising. Although it's not as simple as posting a picture, we are here to make it as easy as possible.

The Team

Meet the magic behind Be Better

Cindy Ngo

Co-Founder and Business Developer

About Cindy

Born and raised in Calgary, Cindy knows all the ins and outs of the city. She loves connecting and collaborating with people which is how she ended up with a career in the non-profit sector. Working as a professional fundraiser gives Cindy the ability to help people be better. What inspired her to start a business in social media marketing?  She intends to make social media fun and stress-free for you and your business so you can focus on growing your business to do better and be better. That was the vision that started it all.

Erica Trinh

Co-Founder and Creative Director

About Erica

Erica handles the creative designing and strategic planning on the team. She has a background in accounting, and has worked in the insurance and financial planning industry. With a strong background in financial planning, you can trust that she’ll also be there to help you plan your social media strategy. Erica is the one that works behind the scenes to do design, market research, and data analysis to help your company… be better!

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