Why is PR important to your business

March 5, 2020
Erica Trinh

PR strategies is the communication aspect of business growth. Simply put, your interactions with your clients will help build their trust in your brand.

What is the first thought that comes to mind when people think of your business and brand? Maybe it’s the product or service you offer, but some may argue that your public relations (PR) is just as important as what you can offer. It’s weird to think that as a consumer, we’re all recipients of PR strategies without even knowing it. Now to think about it on the flip side, what does this mean from a business perspective? PR strategies is the communication aspect of business growth. Simply put, your interactions with your clients will help build their trust in your brand, the better the relationship, the better your business. So what can having a solid PR Strategy do for your brand? 

PR Strategies


How do you want your brand to be perceived? Sure, you may have a fancy logo, but your brand is more than that. Depending on the audience you would like to target, you may want to portray your brand as caring, fun, innovative, knowledgeable etc. These feelings need to be created in the content you post, so that consumers can also feel those emotions while looking at your brand. Create lasting impressions with your audience so that they feel special, and not just like any other consumer. When you grow these relationships, the image behind your company grows to new levels where trust is built. Sure, there may be another brand offering the exact same product or service, but what is making the consumer stick with your brand? The quality of the relationship that you have built with them! 

Cost effective 

Remember the days where huge marketing dollars were spent on press conferences and commercial ads? Well now, there is a much simpler alternative to that. Having a strong PR strategy allows for a budget friendly way of growing your brand without spending $$$ marketing dollars. As a business owner, small or big, every single dollar saved counts! An ad simply shows what you can offer, but having a genuine connection with your customers is what influences them to believe in your brand. Their testimonials are truth spoken, and has a great value than simply creating an ad because you earned it! Having a great client base that backs your brand is key to growing your brand and business. 

Authentic relationships 

We all know how fast bad publicity spreads now a days. So how do you protect your business if unhappy clients decide to spread nasty rumors? What is the first thing a client does when they hear rumors about your brand? Simply put, they will contact your business and ask about the validity of these rumors. Having a strong PR team behind your brand, is how you can mitigate these problems quickly and effectively. If you build a strong level of trust with your clients, then they are able to rest easy if rumors arise. Like any relationship, trust doesn’t come easy. Think of it like a plant, it takes time to nurture and grow a plant, and continues to need that care to thrive in its environment. If you care about your brand’s reputation, then should consider ideas on how to build your brand’s goodwill, so that it never depreciates!

We would love to help you develop a strategy that works for you! Our vision is to help your company Be Better. So if this interests you, please feel free to shoot us an email! 

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